World Refrigeration Day 2021

World Refrigeration Day is on June 26th 2021. The theme this year is “Cooling Champions: Cool Careers for a Better World”.

Refrigeration and air conditioning services are essential to our everyday lives, but it is not often thought of. Refrigeration is the process of cooling a space or substance below environmental temperature. It is used in the coolest and warmest parts of the world. Refrigeration gives us cooling and heating. It is related to ventilation, human comfort, and food preservation. It is used at home, in our workplaces, in retail environments, hospitals, data centres, schools, entertainment venues, in science and medicines (for example to keep vaccines cool). Refrigeration is everywhere! It has become a necessity in our standard of living.

The HVAC industry in Australia employs close to 300,000 people with more than 70,000 licenses. Over 57 million pieces of equipment are responsible for 24% of Australia’s power consumption. With 2.1% of GDP spent on equipment, employment, and energy across the sector.

The industry has a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions through energy consumption and refrigerant leakage. Becoming part of the industry gives you the opportunity to make a difference in climate change through the upgrade of equipment to new technologies for energy efficiency and greener refrigerants.

A career in HVAC is interesting, learning about the ever-changing technology. It is a multifaceted trade that encompasses plumbing, electrical and mechanical technologies. No two days on the job are the same. The job is challenging and diverse, solving a new problem with each project undertaken. Career pathways from an apprenticeship can lead to a variety of roles, including field technicians, design engineers, application engineers, project managers, sales, customer service, sustainability, analytical, management, leadership, compliance and more.

Some areas of the industry include design, production, installation, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

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