Women In Trades

Morgan Purdie, Apprentice HVAC Technician here at Beaver Williams was recently featured as part of In Focus on the Australian Engineers & Technical Tradies website.

Morgan talks about her journey in starting out as an apprentice and the process of finding the right company to work for. She also provides insight into what it’s like to be a women in a male-dominated field of work and the challenges that she has faced. Morgan’s experience overall is a positive one. She really enjoys what she does and her work with Beaver Williams.

When asked what’s it like being a female in a male-dominated industry, Morgan says “Overall, it’s fantastic. I enjoy the diversity of my job and the appreciation that I get for the work that I do. I find that generally it is a nice environment and the majority of clients treat me well.”

The advice that Morgan offers to other women in male-dominated industries is to get the support that you need. Morgan is well supported at work and she is also part of a number of support groups for females in the trades and looking for work in trades. She says that having a place to discuss her problems and experiences is incredibly useful.

At Beaver Williams, we recognise the values and qualities that women bring to their roles, the workplace and the atmosphere on the job. We welcome women to join the trades and believe that everyone benefits from the strengths women bring to the industry for the future of service and construction.

It’s inspiring to hear that Morgan encourages other women to follow their dreams and pursue the career of their choice. If you or anyone you know are interested in working in the HVAC/Air Conditioning, Construction or Fire Protection industries we’d love to hear from you. Beaver Williams is an equal opportunity employer and positions available can be viewed on our careers page.