Upgrade Now to Reduce Operating Costs & Improve Cash Flow

There has never been a better time to upgrade your plant and equipment. The Australian Federal Government has announced further support for Australian businesses in the form of a temporary tax incentive as part of the 20-21 Budget. The Temporary Full Expensing scheme supports business investment and provides substantial cash flow benefits.

Beaver Williams can assist with upgrades and replacements on critical assets such as:

  • End of life replacement on mechanical services such as air conditioning systems including pumps, motors, and fans. A great way to benefit from savings made on future energy bills.
  • Control upgrades – installation of building automation systems, carbon dioxide control systems, carpark carbon monoxide control systems and economy systems.
  • Variable speed drive installation.
  • Cooling tower upgrades, condenser water bypass systems.
  • Water treatment dosing system upgrade.
  • Fire protection upgrades to meet legislation requirements and the Australian Standards.
  • Fire panel upgrades.
  • Many other asset choices.

Qualified businesses can deduct the full cost of eligible depreciable assets of any value in the year they are first used or installed ready for use. The cost of improvements made during this period to existing eligible depreciable assets can also be fully deducted. Temporary Full Expensing applies until 30 June 2022. We recommend seeking advice from your accountant and visiting the Australian Tax Office website for more information.

Long term savings will result from HVAC Systems upgrade. HVAC Systems account for between 40-50 per cent of a commercial building’s energy consumption (CSIRO,2019). In addition to the tax incentives, upgrading HVAC equipment now can improve energy efficiency, decreasing energy consumption and reducing operating costs.

For enquiries or a free quotation, email service@beaverwilliams.com.au, call Craig Hewett on 0402 939 783 or our office on 02 9997 4244 to discuss your requirements with one of our professional managers in detail.

Critical Building Assets

Beaver Williams can assist with upgrades and replacements on critical assets. Please fill in your details below and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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