Fire Protection | A Vital Lifesaving Service

Maintenance and testing of fire protection systems is a vital lifesaving service. It is an essential service and a mandatory requirement by law which must continue for the protection of building occupants and property.

We recognise that building operators are doing their best in extreme circumstances. At Beaver Williams we would like to work with you to ensure that first and foremost, significant safety risks are mitigated. In addition, it is essential that considerations such as compliance with Australian standards, insurance liability, and the possibility of fines (e.g. late AFSS submissions) are investigated so that essential maintenance is not overlooked. Essential testing needs to continue to the required dates in order to maintain compliance.

The Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPA) has issued the following statement:
“FPA Australia does not believe it is either necessary or in the community’s interest to sacrifice fire safety in an effort to minimise coronavirus risks.”

COVID-19 Health Protection

Precautions are being taken to avoid the risk of spreading illness. Beaver Williams staff have been trained in best practice and are following the government’s guidelines, along with the requirements of our clients. Actions that we are taking in response to COVID-19 can be found on our website.

We are happy to discuss the options available for carrying out service and maintenance outside of business hours or at times of low occupancy if appropriate.

Fire Legislation

Currently legislation of fire protection is under scrutiny with further standards coming into effect this year. This highlights the importance of ensuring that buildings are up-to-date and that planning for required works are being carried out in a timely manner.

Our Service

Beaver Williams has a strong team of essential services experts who hold the current licenses along with in-depth knowledge and experience working within the requirements of the various Australian Standards. We can provide the required Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS) as well as delivering any required remedial works. Our experienced team are available to discuss your requirements and/or concerns in meeting your statutory obligations.

We are committed to ensuring that You’re in Control.

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