Cooling Tower and Condenser Water Pump Replacement

The Beaver Williams HVAC Service team recently replaced a cooling tower and condenser water pump at Terrey Hills, Sydney NSW. The replacement was required under the recommendations of a risk management plan. The aim of the project was to improve performance, reduce energy consumption, reduce noise, and improve ease of maintenance.

Scope of the Project

Due to its age, the existing cooling tower was underperforming, structurally less secure, and more prone to biological residue, making both the tower and water lines increasingly difficult to maintain.

In addition to replacing the tower, the scope of the project also included new pump selection, modification of local supply lines, installation of a new chemical dosing control system, electrical supply, as well as full testing and commissioning.

The selected BAC cooling tower offered a balance of significant long-term benefits including increased efficiency, reduced noise and simplified maintenance.

Cooling Tower and Water Pump to be replaced

Our Expertise

The customer chose Beaver Williams to support them with this project because of our proven ability to offer the full range of services required during important, complex and time-bound projects.

Our service estimating/engineer led the design of this replacement project. The original cooling tower was frequently unable to achieve efficient heat exchange. We designed the new cooling tower with enhancements with a goal of producing as much cooling tower capacity as possible within the footprint of the existing tower and to make safe all accessible areas for system servicing.

Using the combined knowledge and experience of our reliable sub-contractors, we had to plan, design and execute the installation, including a new stainless-steel frame support for the cooling tower before the new tower could be lifted into position.

New stainless-steel frame support for the cooling tower
New stainless-steel frame support for the cooling tower
Crane lift of equipment
Crane lift of new Cooling Tower
Crane lift of new condenser water pump
Crane lift of new condenser water pump

The System

We also upgraded the existing dosing equipment to a Dual Biocide with ORP controller, circulation pump and the installation of an Integra Zetol single bag filtration system on the cooling tower system. The Waterdos filter skid dramatically reduces debris in cooling tower systems and will assist in the control of bacterial and algae growth and reduce operating costs while improving safety.

Due to the surrounding environment, keeping the tower basin free of sludge, dirt and mineral or organic deposits was only achievable by means of filtration and agitation.

That’s a Wrap

With thorough and effective preparation and project management, we ensured that the cooling tower was delivered and installed successfully and within the required timeframe. This project, like many, posed various challenges including short time frames, tight spaces, and the numerous restrictions with circumstances around COVID and the planning for a safe working environment. Adequate use of PPE, hand sanitiser, social distancing, and precautions were required.


“The replacement of cooling tower and pump set was managed very effectively by the service department team. From process design, scope, purchase, installation, commissioning and setting to work, the BW team and affiliated sub-contractors worked efficiently together. It was an interesting project that required multidiscipline activities – process, electrical, mechanical, stainless-steel fabrication, cranage and project engineering skills were all required. Fighting with the virus pandemic and its associated difficulties, the project slowly but eventually received a green light after months of planning. There was a very limited time for installation, but the tower was brought online within the anticipated programme and authorised cost. We all worked well as a team, safe and Covid conscious, efficiently coordinating all services and delivering the project with minimal disruption to the everyday operations, resulting in a successful project outcome for the client. Overall, I am delighted with the project and hope to spread the knowledge gained throughout the department to enable others to perform to this standard in future”.

Operations Manager //HVAC Services – Darren Dewsbury

New BAC Cooling Tower
New BAC Cooling Tower


New condenser water pump
New condenser water pump